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Tuesday, 20 August 2019
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The Social Club has been welcoming summer students who are employed at Michelin and providing access free of membership fees for the past number of years. Many questions have arisen over the years and we will try to answer most of them here for you.

What facilities or access do we have?

The club has a full size gymnasium and students can book this subject to availability by calling the club at 543-5018. The gymnasium comes with access to basketballs, indoor soccer balls, floor hockey sticks, badminton rackets and volleyball equipment. All of these things at no charge providing everyone is a student employee of the company.

Could we bring our friends that are not employees but who we hang out with during the summer?

We do not limit who you can bring but we do charge a small fee for outside access which helps us to maintain value in our membership fees. You have two options when bringing guest to the gymnasium downstairs. The first is a $3.00 per hour fee for each non-member and in this case non-employee. The second is used to help those friends you bring once the number becomes 8 or more since our outside fee is $23.00 per hour. Eight people would exceed the hourly rate and thus the hourly rate would be charged. 

Can we use the fitness room?

The fitness room has it's own fee to help keep the club membership dues low. Everyone who uses the fitness center without exception pays a small monthly fee to help out. As a student you have two options. Pay the monthly fee at the club of $19.50 with no sign up or cancellation fees or if you would like, have the amount of 8.00 deducted from your pay each pay period (which is slightly less). Also, if your parent is working at the plant and using the fitness center a family membership may be the way to go. All of the paperwork required to sign up is available at the club so it can be completed on your first visit.

Do we have access to the ballfield?

We encourage everyone to book the field for a game amongst coworkers on a day off. The only fee for participants after work is the cost of the lights which is $15.00 per hour taxes included or under a $1.00 a player per hour. If you play on an outside team or belong to a group that would like to use the field just call us and check on the availability. The ballfield is currently free to use with lights extra as mentioned above. We love to see the facility being used so join in and bring some friends along.

What about the lounge area upstairs?

We are more than happy to invite you to enjoy the social area upstairs in the club. You can enjoy the pool table free of charge, relax and enjoy a movie on the big screen television. We also have internet access so chatting with far away school mates might be fun as well. We have darts, cards and welcome you to bring any board games for a night of fun or perhaps hold you own mini pool tournament. We allow each student to sign in guest. Since we are a club, it is not necessary for you to be 19 years of age but of course, if you are not, certain privileges are restricted in regards to beverages although we have many other choices for you to select from. Our patio area is always open late if your prefer the cool summer evening and fresh air.

How do I get involved in events or activities?

Getting involved is relatively simple in that all events are advertised and we usually require a sign up or registration however this is not always the case. Simply watch for event posters and check back to the website from time to time to get updated. Most of our activities are also visible on ENN (television advertising in plant). If there are any fees for events or activities these would apply to students as well since event fees go to cover cost.

What are your hours of operation?

See link on main menu

Should you have any other questions just contact us by clicking the tab on the main page top menu.



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