Welcome to the Michelin Social Club of Bridgewater serving our members for over 38 years


The Gymnasium Flooring Project is starting and the gymnasium will be shut down until the project is completed.

floor prep.jpgbasketball nets.jpgnew floor sockets.jpgwall repairs overview.jpg



Wall painting completed Basketball nets installed and floor and sockets being prepared for new flooring. 

  Chase the Ace being played at the Social Club each week.You can play without being in attendance and we will call you if you are the weekly winner and allow you to come and pick your own card or if not available we will have someone pick a card for you. All proceeds to the new multipurpose sport flooring.


chase the ace revised.jpg 


New Members Wanted

  to fill vacancies on Social Club Board 

If you are a club member, we would like you to consider joining our board to help oversee the club activities. 

We have between 8 & 10 meetings per year and the board members help out at a few activities.

You can bring ideas to the board for discussion and help us make positive changes to the club. We would like your input so why

not consider getting a little more involved. 

If you feel you would like to join us simply call the club at 902-543-5018 and ask for club manager, Don Dodman we look forward to hearing from you!